Cool Enough To Eat.

Interval Draining

I must have forgotten to put on my must-do list “become financially stable”, as I now find myself absolutely stonking broke. Gym membership has been thrown out the window, however I’m still able to rationalise paying for Netflix, the occasional French fancy and wine (lots of it).

Being this close to the poverty line does push you to be more creative with your moolar; I make my own food more, tear…

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Driving in Somerset 101

Driving in Somerset 101

Lovely, lovely weekend with the boyfriend in Somerset, after a horrible 5 week drought. You never really realise how much you miss someone until you’re about 5 minutes away from seeing their face…or penis.

 Look anywhere in Somerset and you will most likely see rolling, lush hills that can be found on any luxury pot of butter or double cream. Especially if it’s a warm summers day, when you feel…

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Going through a rather distressful time where eating well and exercising more is going well, but not only is the secret treat draw in the kitchen calling out to me, so is food that doesn’t even EXIST! 

I’m talking about food in movies, books, cartoons etc, it just looks so much better when you can only dream of slipping your hand through the screen and having a nibble of what’s behind. So, in order to torture myself more, I made a list of food that I want desperately to be real.

Mendl’s Glorious Pastry Tower – from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel

Even though I think everything about Wes Anderson films are delightfully delicious, these cakes from Mendl’s Bakery really take the biscuit. Oh my lord I am literally doing a Homer Simpson and drooling at the thought of these mounds light puffy pastry layered with intricate icing.

I know there are recipes out there if you want to make your own version, but I think my head has done me no favours and has bigged it up to impossible heights, anything that’s not the real thing simply won’t do… sod my buggering brain. 

Strawberry and Peanut Butter Ice-Cream – from Harry Potter (I can’t remember which one)

My favourite childhood book of all time: I know for a fact I’m going to force my future children to read every last one before they even LOOK at the movies. I can’t remember some of the major things that happened, and I’m pretty sure I don’t remember The Order of the Phoenix at all, but what I will always remember until the day my brain turns to dust is that AT SOME POINT… Harry, Ron and Hermione have strawberry and peanut butter ice-cream.

This actually sound pretty easy to get as I know I’ve had both strawberry and peanut butter ice-cream separately in my life, but I will not rest until I have it swirled together with a generous dollop of strawberry sauce, God dammit!

Pretty much any food described in The Hunger Games (books, definitely not film)

If you’ve read the books then you’ll know that the movies have done pretty well so far in sticking to what actually happens in the books, a nice surprise than what I’m used to! And what the books are really, really good at is describing the glorious dishes of sumptuous food, especially the ones found in The Capitol. 

This is the only thing that niggled me about the film Catching Fire; the book says that Katniss gets all up in President Snow’s buffet, and eats so much that I think she sees it all again when she voms it back up. No such thing in the film; her and Peeta get a nasty case of “survivors guilt” and refuse to even have a nibble. Boiled my blood more than it should have, but I think I was hungry at the time.

Just found a website SOULY dedicated to creating fictional food, even Katniss’s favourite lamb and plum stew…will post it here so you can all get just a little bit chunkier with me. This is a very short ending to my longest post to date, but I think I have to pop off to get some plums…This is a bloody good day.

Fiction becomes a tasty reality

Yummier in Fiction Going through a rather distressful time where eating well and exercising more is going well, but not only is the secret treat draw in the kitchen calling out to me, so is food that doesn’t even EXIST! 

Paris Je Really Quite Like

Paris Je Really Quite Like

This week I may have very accidentally stumbled upon a film, and a tiny part of the film I may have absolutely fallen in love with. You’ve probably heard of it, since I’m in a old dusty time bubble of my very own, it’s called Paris Je T’aime.

But I didn’t love all of it.

In fact most of it is pretty hard to stomach, but that’s probably just me. I’m very quintessentially English in that major and…

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I Just Want to Party with the Giants

I Just Want to Party with the Giants

Well, my list seems to have gone as well as England’s footballing shame – very short lived and hardly breaking a sweat. The hardly breaking a sweat part because my body doesn’t seem to want to do any exercise, and who am I to argue with it?

Things were a lot easier in sixth form: my internal mantra was something along the lines of “If you have time to chew, you have time to study”, so I ended up…

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Progress is Plummeting

Ok, so this is not going well at all…

In order not to smoke, whenever that familiar itch of irritation sparked by a harmless comment my nicotine craved mind turns into a verbal atomic bomb at my self esteem, instead of sucking up smoke I’m inhaling cake…
or crying.

I am literally using Victoria sponge as a tissue, making my jeans tight and my face sticky.

Do you ever wish your body would just…

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Must Do’s and Definitely Don’ts

Must Do’s and Definitely Don’ts

Must Do’s

 Lose a stone, and keep it lost - I don’t want to be forever “just a little bit fat” anymore

Continue not smoking - I don’t want my lungs to resemble an overdone pizza, or my face to look like a leathery raisin

Find work experience - doesn’t matter if you end up not liking it, just do it already!

Take more pictures - It will make you better at it, and remind people that you still exist

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England must be infested with hippo shaped clouds

England must be infested with hippo shaped clouds